READ THIS FIRST: Understanding the Structure of the SuperSite 2 & PartnerSite

The SuperSite 2 and PartnerSite are designed from the ground up keeping both you and your Customers in mind. We wanted to ensure that while your Customers enjoy the rich experience of browsing and buying your products/services, you on the other-hand are able to customize every-bit of your SuperSite 2 and PartnerSite without any hassles. Please understand the below fundamental concepts.

While the below fundamentals refer to the SuperSite 2, the same concepts apply to your Partnersite as well

  1. Each SuperSite 2 page is built from multiple HTML files (known as HTML Templates), images and CSS files which are completely customizable.

  2. The SuperSite 2 allows you to create Themes and apply them to your SuperSite 2 content to make your SuperSite 2 visually unique. A Theme consists of Images, CSS and Javascript that you may modify and associate with your website.

  3. You can customize the Text, the Images, the Style or the structure of each HTML template. You can also add your own HTML templates to extend the capabilities of the SuperSite 2, and link these HTML templates from various existing sections. All of these can be achieved by using separate tools.

  4. You can see the various templates that any SuperSite 2 page is made up of by browsing to that SuperSite 2 page and clicking on View Source in your browser.

  5. Inside the source you will see various tags of this type denoting various html templates that the page is built from:

    • <!-- ### Supersite Template root.html starts here ### -->

    • <!-- ### Supersite Template common/header/header.html starts here ### -->

    • <!-- ### Supersite Template common/header/header.html ends here ### -->

  6. As mentioned these HTML Templates and images are provided by us. Apart from these pre-existing templates you can further add your own templates too. The SuperSite 2 Admin Area makes a clear distinction between the HTML Templates and Images that we supply to you by default and the HTML Templates and images that you have added separately (MyUploadedPages, MyUploadedImages).

    • Default SuperSite 2 Content


      • These are the HTML templates and Theme files in the SuperSite 2 which we provide you. While you can make modifications to the default HTML templates immediately, to modify the Images, CSS and Javascript, you need to first add a new theme and then go on to customize it. The HTML templates can be modified by clicking on the Manage Site button adjacent to individual languages' under the My Languages section, whereas Images and CSS can be modified by clicking on the Customize Theme link adjacent to individual Themes' under the My Themes section.

      • Any changes you make to these files will override the default files.


        Whenever we make any changes to the default files, those changes will not be directly visible on your SuperSite 2 if you have made any modifications to those files. You will have to copy those modifications over. We will separately explain how you can do that.

    • Your Own Content

      • SuperSite 2 allows you to add your own HTML templates and images apart from the ones we provide.

      • These files are stored in separate folders (MyUploadedPages, MyUploadedImages) and can be added and modified by clicking on the Manage Site button adjacent to individual languages under the My Languages section of the SuperSite 2 Admin Area.